Thursday, May 28, 2009

Navigation Station

Yesterday we were able to navigate our way through the taxi system to Kebebtsehay (the real spelling) by ourselves! Yemamu wasn’t feeling well so called us in the morning to let us know he wouldn’t be joining us for the day. We had a lot planned, so we made our first trek alone. We starting completing our basic evals on some of the younger kiddos and have completed about 10 or so in the last two days. We’re seeing a fair amount of developmental delays and sensory issues, as we would expect from their environment. We also feel like a few of the little kiddos are deaf, so we’re excited to have met a gentleman who works at the US Embassy whose wife is coming in town and is a speech therapist doing early intervention. We’re going to connect with her soon and see if we can’t have them more thoroughly checked.

We have a new roommate, Kelsey, who arrived from Fort Worth Texas last night. Since we only allow Ke- names to live with us, we have another Keely moving in on Thursday. Then we’ll have a full house!

We have determined that our neighborhood’s scheduled power outages are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We’re getting more used to them and were even able to stay up past 8:00 p.m.! Adjustment is going well.

It’s reallyyyy lonely here not getting many comments here! Just wondering who is out there  Thanks to those who have been keeping up with us and leaving your thoughts!

Nick- have to say HAPPY TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! I realize it’s tomorrow (the 27th), but I don’t foresee a blog post since we have no power Wednesday, so I’m telling you I love you and am so thankful for your love and support. Can’t wait for so many years to come.

Thought of the day: Life is lonely without blog post comments.

P.S. We are experiencing our first rain storm here in Ethiopia! The raindrops are big, hard and cold. We’ll let you know how it turns out.
P.P.S. It poured and we were the only ones outside.


  1. And a Happy Anniversary to you too babe. It was raining here as well so if you thought about it we were pretty much in the same place!
    Love you and am very proud of what you are doing. Stay safe.

  2. I have totally enjoyed reading your blogs. Kelly and Keely can be really entertaining!;-)
    It is so funny about your new roomies names!! There must be something very special about those "Ke" names!!! Look how much you can already teach them! Keep giving your special touch to those wonderful children. They will be forever changed by you being there. I check your blog everyday to find any new news from you girls. You even bring smiles to this part of the world!!! Please stay safe! And Happy Anniversary Kelly!!! God Bless, Love Avril

  3. It sounds pretty interesting over there! I love getting to hear about what you are doing. keep updating! i love it!!

    miss you so much kel!!!

    love you,

  4. Didn't have the right blog address but Keely, your Mom fixed that. Great to hear of your survival and it sounds like youre thriving actually. Loved the comments about the bug debate and the Ke names. what were the odds of finding another Keely?
    I am so impressed with the work you have dived into; you can have a great impact. How rewarding. I look forward to hearing more.

  5. Hello Keely and Kelly, Kelley says, who is that? Well, it's uncle Jack in Colorado saying hello to two capable and compassionate young ladies. Glad you are getting settled and able to make an impact. Would love to see pics of your surroundings. How do the kids respond to you? Are you treated well by the average person you come in contact with? My little Compassion International child, Aychew, is in Ethiopia (somewhere).

    Blessings and thanks for being agents of change.

    Jack H.

    PS: Brenda sends her regards and is very proud of you.

  6. Hi!! So fun to read your posts! Congrats on tackling the taxi service. I'm sorry we didn't get any $$ to you before you left, but we'd still love to support your mission. I know that God will be working on your hearts as you meet so many in need. Thank you for following His lead. We are thinking of you so much!
    Love, Sheila Hood

  7. Hey girls, its Paige. Im Keely's cousin in Oklahoma. I just wanted to say that you two are totally awesome for what you are doing!!! And I cant wait for your next blog post!! Oh, and Keels, if you hadnt heard Toby and I are having a baby girl is September!! Keep up with the good work and I cant wait until you get home to hear more good stories!!!

  8. I'm so proud of you. Happy belated anniversary, Kelly. I look so forward to your blog posts and have passed it on to several others so you have man followers that you don't even know about. My thoughts and prayers are with you constantly. I would love to see pictures. You are doing wonderful work. I know that God is smiling. Take good care and I love you very much. Much love, Mom

  9. Hello! It is so exciting to hear about your life there! I have been following since post one. Keep them coming...

  10. Dudes,
    This is the JLO. Just for the record I've been commenting like a comment bandito. Maybe that will be my new name... Anyway and once again, you two are doing fantastic work. Your dedication and perseverance are second-to-none. Books will, no doubt, be written about you.

    In other news... it's humid in NC and I don't like it. Of course, it may be more humid there. Certainly, the bugs are larger. Strange with all the KE's in the house, even another Keely? Weird. Keely, I was watching the nation spelling bee yesterday and thinking about you because you're such a masterful speller. Oh, one last thing: Keely, FYOF.

    Lots of love to you both. I'm proud of you. You're doing great things.


  11. Hi!!!! So I just got the link yesterday, then it didn't work....thankfully your wonderful husband (Kelly's that is) fixed that right up! So happy to be catching up on all of your adventures! It sounds absolutely amazing!! Not only am I so proud of you Kel (and Keely although I know we've never met) but I am also a little jealous! Your experiences are so inspiring and I can only dream about doing something so meaningful, helpful, selfless, and...I'm running out of the proper words to express how awesome what you two are doing is! At any rate, I won't keep rambling too much for now but I will definitely be following and you can count on more comments to come! So keep up the good work ladies! Glad you are getting settled and can't wait to hear more! Love you and miss you Kel!


    P.S. sorry we didnt get in touch before you left, I want to hear your good news!!!

  12. Hey ladies,

    Looking for some pictures on the blog. Don't blame it on no electricity, spotty internet connection, and so on. When I talk with you I am trying to visualize your surroundings - both inside your apartment and out in the streets. Help me visualize.

  13. yay you guys for making it safe! hope all continues to go well and that you have hundreds of adventures during your time. you guys rock! miss you both! pictures please?!